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Biomes Selected Resources (1)

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Biomes Selected Resources

BCPS Digital Content: 


Log into BCPSOne. Click on the Digital Content Tile. Scroll down to the Grades 6-12 section.

Click on Science in Context

Search for your biome.

For access from Home: ID: bcps Password: gale

Click on Gale Virtual Reference Library

Search for your biome.

Choose from many reference book articles

For access from Home: ID: bcps Password: gale

To cite database articles:Copy the citation at the bottom of the article. In your EasyBib account, click on Database tab, paste the citation.

Open Web Sources (Ms. Magnuson evaluated. You must cite in the pages you use in EasyBib.)

NASA Exploring the Environment


Missouri Botanical Garden




University of MD


National Science Teachers Association


University of California Museum of Paleontology (Biomes)


The Wild Classroom developed by Science Teachers


(LM 9/14, rev. 9/16)

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