Technology Inventions

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Technological Development


Please use these links first. Much of what you find when you Google are other students’ projects which are not reliable and authoritative. Ms. Magnuson Googled for you and found some good sites!


Go here first, except for Information Age! History of Technology History World First page starts with Prehistory. Look at links on left tool bar for other time periods or scroll to bottom and click to other pages.


History of Hand Tools (Britannica): Scroll down to look for your time period.


Flint Tools and Weapons


Stone Age Technology (Ancientcraft)




Tools Used in the Paleolithic Age


Paleolithic Tools and Weapons


The Old Stone Age (Paleolithic Era)


Mesolithic Period:


Mesolithic Period (Britannica)


Stone Tool Industry (Britannica)


Middle Stone Age Tools (Smithsonian)


Fishing (Brittanica) Scroll down for the Early History




Neolithic Period/Bronze Age:


Neolithic Period (Brittanica) Click on appropriate links in the article for more information


Ancient Civilizations: First Technologies Scroll down for tools



Bronze Age:


Bronze Age: Technology (Ancientcraft)


Bronze Age (Brittanic)


Iron Age:


Iron Age Technology (People of our Everyday Life)


Iron Age: Technology (Ancientcraft)



The Middle Ages:


Science & Technology Of the Medieval Era


The Renaissance/Enlightenment (15th-16th Century):


Renaissance Inventions


Renaissance Science and Technology


The Industrial Age:


Top 10 Industrial Revolution Inventions (How Stuff Works) Use next button to see each invention


The Industrial Revolution (Brittanica)










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