Science Resources

Multiuser eBooks


In our Destiny library catalog,


-All eBooks include unlimited circulation, multi-user access from home, school or anywhere else. 


-All titles include professionally recorded audio, on funky text to speech.

-Each word is highlighted as its read aloud, promoting accurate fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation. 


Here is a link to a page of resources on how to use the eBooks. 


Destiny Reading Paths 



Reference Books (Print available in library and multi-user online access) Multi-volume Reference from Salem Press


BCPS Databases 

Discovery Education Science TechBooks (online textbook aligned with NGSS standards), includes full lesson plans and materials!

In BCPSOne, go to Discovery Ed in the Digital Content tile. Hover over My DE Services and click on Science Tech Books. On the right side is a Switch Course that gives you access to the different courses (Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth and Space Science). ScreenShots Here!Discovery Education resources.docx  



            **Benefit of using the databases—source citations are done for you and all you need to do is copy and paste them into your EasyBib project or electronic project. You also do not need to evaluate the sources.


Energy Lessons from Discovery Ed and Constellation Energy

Energizing Our Future

Discovery Education and Constellation, a competitive energy company, have developed a series of standards-aligned classroom resources focusing on amazing energy innovations and advancements. Science and technology learning is enhanced through engaging videos and activities that will inspire your students to think differently about energy.

The lessons are geared for middle school but could be tweaked for your use.


Other Resources


Science of Everyday Life interactives. One is on wind energy. There are also brain boggling experiments.


The Science Behind Nature: Lessons from The Nature Conservancy


Sample Bibliography of Resources Ms. Magnuson can do for your projects Space Selected Bibliography.docx


  1. Project Noah

Provides teachers with hands-on experiments for their students to conduct.

  1. Mosa Mack Science

This interactive website turns students into science detectives.

  1. JASON

Gives students an excellent introduction into science.

  1. NASA Global Climate Change – Vital Signs of the Planet

A large cache of information about climate change.

  1. NOVA Labs

Provides students with expert information about science and provides teachers with ideas for dynamic science experiments.

  1. Prepmagic

Provides students with science simulations that promote learning.

  1. BioInteractive

This multimedia site brings biological research to life.

  1. NOVA

Exciting science videos that have high-quality classroom applications.

  1. Koantum

Reach young scientists with the 5E model and kid-friendly lessons.

  1. Lawrence Hall of Science: 24/7 Science

First-class site for science games and investigations.

  1. Discover Science

Infuse your lessons with materials from the CAS.

  1. Smithsonian Science Education Center

A teacher-geared site that provides teachers with the steps for research-based science instruction.

  1. CK-12

Super STEM resource with highly accessible content.

  1. PhET Interactive Simulations

Large repository of science and math simulations.

  1. National Geographic Kids

Amazing photos of wildlife and indigenous people.

  1. Journey North

A historic site that helps teachers create engaging lessons for their students.

  1. National Geographic Education

Discover the world with this site’s multimedia features.

  1. Zooniverse

Research-based content that helps teachers make their content relatable.

  1. Mystery Science

Well thought out science curriculum and experiments.

  1. Climate Kids – NASA’s Eyes on the Earth

Students can learn all about the earth’s climate with this groundbreaking site.

  1. ExploreLearning Gizmos

The site contains a large cache of science simulations.


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