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NBC Learn

Page history last edited by Lauren Magnuson 6 years, 9 months ago

Bring the curriculum to life with REAL news stories from NBC Learn.


NBC Learn offers “thousands of high-quality archival, original, and currents events videos …for use in classroom instruction, student projects, and homework.”


There are over 12,000 resources, including: current events and historic videos, news broadcasts, interviews, primary source documents, images, charts, graphics, and cartoons. 




v  Talking about poetry? Watch a 3:20 minute interview with poet Douglas Florian from the Writers Speak to Kids section in the Original NBC Learn Collections.

v  Introduce your weather unit with a 2:30 minute news story about the destructive force of a tornado in Oklahoma.

v  Why does geology matter? Show a 4 minute video about a giant sinkhole swallowing a Texas neighborhood.

v  Show the power of kindness and community with a 3 minute story about high school students who Tweet compliments to schoolmates.

v  Engage hard-to-reach students with the “Science of…” series, an original NBC Learn series showing how sports rely on scientific principles. In the Original NBC Learn Collections.

v  Search for Word Roots, and find brief videos about some common Latin roots.        

v  Use it for background knowledge for historical fiction texts. The database goes all the way back to the 1930s. You can see video of FDR’s fireside chat on democracy!

v  Check back daily. It’s updated every day, so you can easily insert current events into any class. (Preview first! Remember, the database is for K-12.)


            Videos are closed captioned, and you can also print out a transcript for most stories, so students can follow along or go back over for a closer read as a group. The source citations are on the back of each cur card.

            To access the database page, go to the BCPS home page, click the Students tab. From there, click Research, Study, and Learning Resources. NBC Learn is in the 6-12 section of the databases page. If you need to access it from home,see Ms. Magnuson in the library. No password is needed from school.



~ Text by Marcia S. Simonetta, Librarian Seventh District Elementary School, adapted by Lauren Magnuson, Librarian Kenwood High School


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