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The Best Civilization Selected Resources


Reference Books

The Illustrated History of Women 10 vols.                                                   c1999            REF 305.4 FRA

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History 4 vols.                    c2008           REF 305.42

The Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350-2000                   c2001           REF 306 ENC

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship, & Sexuality 6 vols.      c2008           REF 306.7

Arts & Humanities Through the Ages 5 vols.                                                c2005           REF 700 ART

Timelines of History                                                                                           c2002          REF 902 TEE

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History 6 vols.                                           c2010           REF 903 BER

History Behind the Headlines                                                                         c2003           REF 909 HIS

The Illustrated History of the World 10 vols.                                                c1999            REF 909 ROB

Timelines of History multi-volumes                                                                c2005            REF 909 TIM

World Eras Volume 2: Rise and Spread of Islam 622-1500                           c2002           REF 909.07 WOR

Middle Ages 5 vols.                                                                                           c2001           REF 909.7 KNI

Great Events, 1900-2001                                                                                 c2002             REF 909.82GRE

World Conflicts and Confrontations 4 vols.                                                c2000              REF 909.82 WOR

Dictionary of World Biography multi-volume                                              c1999              REF 920 DIC

Ancient Civilizations 10 vols. c2000 REF 930 ANC

The History of the Ancient and Medieval World 12 vols                           c1996                REF 930 HIS

World Eras Volume 5: Ancient Egypt, 2615-332 B.C.E.                               c2002                REF 932 WOR

World Eras Volume 3: Roman Republic & Empire, 264 BCE-476 CE          c2001               REF 937 WOR

World Eras Volume 6: Classical Greek Civilization, 800-323 BCE              c2001                REF 938 BCE

World Eras Volume 4: Medieval Europe, 814-1350                                   c2002                 REF 940.1 WOR

World Eras Volume 1: The European Renaissance and

Reformation, 1350-1600                                                                               c2001                 REF 940.2WOR

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of China                                                        c1991                REF 951 CAM

Encyclopedia of China                                                                                 c1998                  REF 951 PER


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