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Mental Health Disorders Selected Web Resources


BCPS Databases  Log on to BCPSOne. Click on the Digital Content tile. Best databases for this project: SIRS Pro/Con, Science in Context and Student Resources in Context  (To find them, scroll down to 6-12) Password from home: See Ms. Magnuson

            **Benefit of using the databases—source citations are done for you and all you need to do is copy and paste them into your EasyBib project and PP/Prezi/brochure. You also do not need to evaluate the sources.



Kids        This site is easy to use and read and has a section for teens—good place to start.


National Institute of Mental Health


Medline Plus             Website sponsored by the National Library of Medicine


Web MD                    Quality commercial site     Free encyclopedia of mental health information created by Dr.

Dr. Phillip Long, Canadian psychiatrist--Click on Disorders    on the left side


National Alliance on Mental Health  


Mayo Clinic   


Healthy Minds           Website sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association


Mental Health America       Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all people live mentally health lives


Phobias Research general phobias; give examples (may look on other sites) on one segment of your brochure


Psychology and Mental Health    Electronic version of the 5 volume encyclopedia that is    in our collection     Password: kenwood 


Psychology and Mental Health    Electronic version of the 5 volume encyclopedia that is in our collection     Password: kenwood 


Check the Kenwood Library catalog for books on your topic                                                                                                                                                                      






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