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Free Images

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Scroll below for directions on how to do a search for copyright free images on Google.




Search Library of Congress photos from 1935-45

Ultimate Directory of Free Image Sources






Photos for Class has a library of free to use, CITED photos!



Pixabay allows you to download images without attribution.

Right click on images and Save image as....

MorgueFile has thousands of photos. Some need attribution and some do not.


Our Digital Content often has images associated with your topic.

Log into BCPSOne and click on the Digital Content icon.


NOAA Photo Library Banner 

The NOAA Photo Library (science, weather, environment, space).

Government funded. 


Smashing Magazine


Multiple sets of free images/icons that may work well

in your infographic.



 Wellcome Images

Copyright Free (Historical and Contemporary)



Searching for copyright free images on Google. Search topic. Click on Images. Click on Search tools. Click on usage rights. Choose the appropriate usage level. Labeled for noncommercial reuse and labeled for reuse will yield the most results.




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